Sonu ShivdasaniFounder, Chairman and CEO, Soneva Resorts, Thailand & Maldives

Shivani is a fantastic feng shui master & clairvoyant; she has been a great help to me over the past few years, in replica watches identifying potential problem areas and helping me step around these potential stumbling blocks. She has also been extremely encouraging when I am on the right track. Shivani is a great Feng Shui master and comes up with practical, no nonsense, and accessible ideas. Her recommended changes has helped our resorts and business tremendously.

Mr. Hoss VetryMulti Property, Vice President & General Manager, The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company LLC, Asia Pacific

I have known Shivani for the last five years. She is not only a dear friend to my wife and I, but also a true professional. She is someone with great deal of ethics, honesty and integrity. She is truly the best in her field and this is based on my personal interaction and experience with her. I would highly would recommend her to any organization in need of her skills. 

Inna ZobovaSupermodel, Paris

My name is Inna Zobova and I had a chance to work with highly professional Shivani Adalja. Precise and honest she knows exactly what you are looking for. She is this kind of professional that is competent., professional and accurate. Her knowledge is deep and solutions are practical. Shivani is a must to consult!  

Sangeeta Assomull CEO, Marigold Group, India

Shivani provided Feng Shui advice for my office and personal Tarot Card reading which proved so helpful.

Benefits of the consultation: Warning of expansion in business delayed due to her advice. Good decision. Feng Shui turned things around. Highly recommended.

Melanie SwanSenior Reporter, THE NATIONAL Abu Dhabi Media Company, Abu Dhabi

Shivani is really a woman with a gift. Her talent and accuracy in areas such as aura readings, feng shui and tarot readings have always been very consistent and reliable. She is always a pleasure to deal with, more a friend than anything.

Daniella Russell Director, Wafi Health & Leisure, Wafi Group, Dubai

Having used Shivani at Cleopatra's Spa, Wafi Dubai, we instantly saw an improvement in revenue just by a few changes made on her first visit of assessment. We then proceeded to engage Shivani for our refurbishment plans alongside our Projects Team for both the spa and our head office. Our new changes have only just been completed but the results are looking very good and massive positive changes have occurred since the implementation. Thank you Shivani for your guidance and advice.

On a personal level this has also happened for myself at home and I am very happy to see the difference this has made to my life to date and am looking forward to seeing continued success from the changes. Better and happier life.

David T. Binnion Partner, Indigo Consulting Grp Co. Ltd, Bangkok

Shivani has amazing talents.

I personally have received an aura reading from her as well as a Tarot Card reading.

She predicted we would win a major project, but it would take quite some time with a few proposal re-writes.

I don’t know how she did it, but she was absolutely right. Amazing!
I would recommend her services to anyone going through a phase of uncertainty or needing help with a decision.

Since my session I have referred multiple friends for a session with Shivani and they all can back my experience 100% and continue to utilize the directions and information given for.

Sanjay Bhojwani Managing Director, Golo Ptv. Ltd, Jakarta

Struggling in life?
Tired all the time?
Disharmony at home?
Finances got you down?
Overstressed and cant think straight?

Shivani can help!

She is a talented and gifted Feng Shui consultant
Where she is different with the rest of the masters out there...
She has a practical approach to Feng Shui remedies and solutions and I was surprised at how easy it could be to rectify situations
And mixed with her astute business sense balanced with a kindness and understanding rarely seen in business people today
Shivani is one among millions.......
She opened new avenues in my relationships and business that were otherwise closed.

James Carrington CEO Urban Solutions, California, USA

I happen to be in Maldives when Shivani was visiting and decided to attend a private meditation session with her. Being a skeptic, I was not sure what to expect. However 10 minutes into the session, I knew she was gifted and could help me reduce my stress levels. I was so impressed with the results that I booked 6 more sessions with her.

She helped me control my blood pressure and food cravings while I was on a holiday. She even taught me how to meditate once I return home and maintain low stress levels. It’s been six months since I saw her and I could honestly say she was the most effective practitioner I met. I hope to meet her again and learn more. Good luck to you Shivani.

Pegah Simi Senior Fashion Designer, Doha

Shivani's meditation and affirmation sessions truly equip you with the necessary tools for self-awareness and control of your thinking patterns for genuine peace of mind. I always enjoy my session with Shivani and always walk away feeling more empowered!

Sumit Malhotra Banker, Citibank, Qatar

I had met Shivani in Doha for the Aura alignment and guided meditation session more than an year ago. This was my 1st such session and I was skeptic and full of queries. Shivani is a true professional and a master in her subject and i was impressed with the patience with which she explained everything scientifically and answered my queries on Aura alignment without any haste. The guided meditation with Shivani is something i have recommended to my friends and will recommend to anybody. It my helped me a lot in calming my mind and thoughts. I have been in touch with Shivani since last one year and have benefited from her sessions, which I will highly recommend.

Tehmpton Cooper Head of Business Ecommerce, Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi

Having experienced a number of sessions with Shivani her accuracy in identifying, warning and help resolving issues has been uncanny. She has converted a non-believer into a believer in the most non-intrusive manner. Her guidance has always been balanced and practical.

Her combine knowledge of the ancient oriental art of Fung Shui combined with the spiritually developed aura reading and topping it of with accurate tarot reading is a rare combination. These esoteric arts have stood the test of time and I am certain Shivani is contributing towards it’s advancement.

Sue SharpFounder, Australian School of NLP, Sydney

Dear Shivani,

Wow! Thank you! We have just performed the Energy Cleansing Ritual in our home and it has made an enormous difference. Before the ritual we hadn't appreciated how heightened our emotions were whenever we were in the house. Since performing the ritual our home has become a haven – the energy in the house and within us has become quiet, calm and relaxing. We are connecting with each other in a much deeper and more open way and we're both sleeping loads better than we were prior to the cleansing ritual. We've also almost completed our 3,5,10 year goal planning – something we'd tried to do several times since moving into the house, but we always ended up getting side-tracked. Now many goals are already in place and first steps are being taken towards making them happen!

All in all the changes have been amazing. I can't thank you enough and I'm so glad that we trusted your advice and acted upon it. You have helped us to create a space where we can thrive! We loved our house before and now it feels like a wonderfully healthy, enjoyable and restful place to be. Thank you!

May your business continue to prosper – you deserve every success and I know that you’ll be helping so many people towards a happier life on the way.

Roger Sleep Associate Director, D.G.Jones & Partners (ME) Ltd. Qatar

I just wanted to write a short note, albeit a bit late, to say how much I enjoyed our sessions at the Six Senses Spa here in Doha a week ago. I very much enjoyed the alignment therapy and was fascinated by the aura reading. You are truly gifted and unique!

Jana Zlamalova Supermodel, Milan

I met Shivani on a busy afternoon in Abu Dhabi. I had heard about her from mutual friend who had raved that Shivani not once gave him the best advice for his personal as well as business decision and following her words he couldn't be happier now. I was curious to see what lay in the store.

Never i could have imagined when she opened the door smiling, how much of an impact she would have on me and new way how i see myself and my life. During our session she amazed me with her positive energy, with knowledge how to call things happening in my life the right names and made me believe in myself. She has beautifully generous heart and I admire her dedication to change people to better.

Advice after advice were coming to me like from very close friend who I can completely trust. Never I had experience that before.

Leaving her I felt capable of anything. Shivani gives an opportunity to take our lives, bodies and health to the next level, whatever that may be.

Inci MalikFounding partner,, Turkey

It was through an Aura reading I met Shivani. During our meeting, it was no doubt she had great instinct and God gifted talent of transforming positive energy on the other person. I wanted to take more advantage of her energy as I was in the middle of refurnishing my house at the time, so through her consultation on Feng shui, I managed to combine my furniture’s to bring the harmony. Today, I live in a great peace and my visitors feel the same comfort and energy while they are at my home.

Rahma Himid Founder, Strawberry PR, Dubai

Pretty good insight on the subject of Aura reading. The workshop offers tools to develop intuition and I will definitely use them to enhance it. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I am looking forward to attend other wellbeing workshops by Shivani. She is very knowledgeable. Shivani also implemented feng shui in our office. The results were amazing and we benefited a lot. The best feng shui consultant of Dubai.

Jayesh V VBullseye Advertising FZE LLC, Dubai

Shivani visited my home recently to check the alignment of energies and elements. Her recommendations were very simple and were explained to us using logic and the laws of nature. Since implementing her inputs, I must say that the presence of more positive vibrations can be clearly felt at home. It has made my family life more harmonious and the effect has trickled down to my efficiency at work and life. Much light to Shivani.

Marie MakarounSydney

I decided to seek Shivani’s expert advice on recommendation. Since the Feng Shui consultation, my personal and professional life has dramatically improved and the results significant. I felt an instant increase of positive energy benefiting my overall wellbeing. Shivani was incredibly knowledgeable, caring and has a naturally gifted ability to sense your life situation within your environment. Shivani is a true professional with an amazing nature.

David SoonManaging Partner, Vista Vision Asia Pacific, Singapore

Shivani was recommended to us by one of our clients. We were renovating the office and needed a feng shui consultant who would understand our needs and design the office accordingly. Though we panerai replica had many local consultants available, we opted to fly her from Dubai. The results were outstanding and since then she has helped us with other offices.

Her approach to feng shui is more like an architect and we were able to understand the logic behind her suggestions. Look no further. Hire her services. panerai replica watches

Fatima GalbLawyer, London

"I have been highly impressed and in fact completely blown away by Shivani Adalja's accuracy, insights and solution oriented approach in providing her services. Not only is she an innately gifted reader with multiple talents, she is extremely professional and offers practical advice to problems and issues.

I have experienced services from the Align Institute on many levels, including readings and workshop training. Training under Shivani was a joy, she is a natural teacher and her humorous and light approach to what may sometimes be a heavy subject matter for a student made learning easy so that I quickly grasped the principles and became adept on the subject being taught. Outstanding is Shivani's feng Shui analysis and recommendations, this she carries out with the utmost care and mathematical/scientific accuracy so that no item or feature in your home is left unturned as part of her overall analysis. Based on thousands of years of ancient wisdom, Shivani harnesses all this precious knowledge and provides very hands on advice on changes to be made to the home layout resulting in tangible improvements to one's health, wellbeing and fortunes.

She never suggested anything impractical or impossible to implement, she works with her clients to give them the very best feng shui suggestions based on their resources and lifestyles. I value Shivani greatly and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Whenever I am stuck in a rut or need some clarity on an issue, she gives a realistic perspective and even if it is not always what I want to hear at the time, she always has a positive spin on things and gives me the solution I can embark on to resolve the issue swiftly and in the best way possible. Consulting with Shivani means you will receive an excellent tailor made approach to suit the life decisions and choices you need to make at the time as she is by far the best in her field".

Mohit Melwani SIL Chemicals Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria

I would highly recommend Shivani as a Feng Shui Practitioner.  She had very practical solutions, which has given me positive outcomes. 

Kishore PagraniOwner Choithram's Supermarkets, Yogalife Magazine

Shivani is a gifted feng shui consultant who turned the energies around for us. She specialises in improving energy flow and improve business. We saw immediate results and improvemnt. 

P.K.MehtaChairman Precious Gems

I have known Shivani for many years now and have benifited from her expertise and knowledge. She has done feng shui for our offices in Belgium, Singapore, London and Dubai. She has helped me to turn the business around in Singapore and Dubai. She made small changes that were effective and finally we renovated all offices based on her recommendations. If you want to impove your business, she is teh right person to contact.

Sylvia NeiderFounding Partner SYNC Alliance FZE, UAE Partner DNLA COE GmbH, Germany

When I met Shivani 2 years ago for a feng shui consultancy for my home,  I was at a cross-road in my life personally and professionally.

I was really surprised by her high level of tangible professionalism and her clear guidance & support of execution for my home project. It felt so easy with so much sense.

But much more impacted me: With Shivani’s personality and know how, I found healing and inspiration for my professional and personal way -forward: setting up my own business and finally the courage to  balance my know how while showing my heart.
Thank you for inspiring me!

Kavita Rajesh BhatiaKoncept By K Interiors FZ LLE, Creative Director, Dubai

Being in the field of Interior Design, I have worked with many professionals who are specialists in their field of technical study. Collaborating with Shivani took professionalism to a new level and was also a great learning experience! Her meticulous approach and go getter attitude found every possible solution and feng shui remedy/cure for me and my clients! Best of all, the results are a testament and I look forward to engaging her in future projects.

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