Tarot cards are set of 78 cards with specific pictures and symbols. These cards are mainly used for divination and for obtaining guidance. These cards can also be used for meditation and dream analysis. Unlike popular belief it is not a tool for fortune telling.

Shivani Adalja has been reading Tarot cards for past 18 years. She combines her knowledge of Aura Alignment, Hypnotherapy and Feng Shui Alignment when doing a personalized reading and uses Tarot for obtaining guidance and clarity in specific situations. Her aim is to use the knowledge hidden in the cards to help individuals seeking guidance.


Private Consultation

During a private Tarot reading consultation, Shivani Adalja focuses on the main concerns of the clients and gains guidance from the cards. Her aim is to suggest solutions for the challenges faced by a client through the beautiful images of the cards. She combines her knowledge of Aura Alignment, NLP and Feng Shui Alignment while conducting the reading, thus making it a wholesome experience for the client.

It is recommended that you write your questions and concerns before the reading to help you stay focused on important issues. A personalized 45 minutes Tarot card reading session will give you deeper insight into -

  • Your direction in life
  • Challenges and how to tackle them
  • Important relationships and the dynamics to make them work
  • Clarity on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual areas of life

Tarot for Events

You want to do something different for your best friends baby shower? You want your sister's hen's party be the most memorable day of her life? Want to throw a unique Christmas party for your co-workers? Shivani can help you create a unique fun event by reading Tarot cards at the event. Adding Tarot card reading can enhance any event - big or small and create a unforgettable experience for all the guests. Give your social evening, event or party a touch of special excitement and mystical cachet with readings by Shivani Adalja.

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