756   03/06/2016

Bombay Diaries

The counter is full of people with oversized bags and at least two handbags. I know I am checking in for the right flight. The chaos at terminal one is helping me to calm my nerves. Going home after almost two years!

And so it begin…….

The flight is full like always. People everywhere. Having traveled half the world since I was 18 I know the drill – board first and find a space for your bag or there is going to be no space left even for an ant to relax. People fighting for space, air and a window seat! I still can’t figure out the fascination for window seat. People want a view from the sky from a tiny scratched plastic insulated window that will be showing white or black colour throughout the flight depending on what time of the day you are flying. This flight is no different. As I dig into my kindle my two neighbours arrive. One is a Marawadi or a Gujarati Jain guy wearing stark white clothes as if advertising for a washing powder commercial. The other guy is probably catholic in torn jeans and oversized headphones humming to the tune of Priyanka Chopra’s in my city. This is going to be fun. I know what is going to happen during the meal service. I just know it! Cathloic will order meat, Jain guy by the window will be unhappy. The Jain will try to convert the neighbour into becoming a vegetarian.

There is a big group on Bori travelers probably returning from a pilgrimage. Many families with children going home and couple of westerners sandwiched people from the land of curry and masala.

The jet airways flight attendants are barely in their early twenties, weaaring their bright yellow coats and neatly tied buns. Brings a smile to my face. I used to be just like them but twenty-five odd years ago. How time flies!!! We make eye contact. I smile and she smiles back. I know immediately it’s her first job. She is probably on her second or third month of flying. Her enthusiasm for landing her dream job is still evident from the way she interacts. Boredom and monotony has not yet taken over the joy of a shiny job. She has not yet started to experience jet lags and back aches. Her shoes still look new and her aprons will not have many deep stains. In time her dreams will be drowned in lack of sleep and she will discover this job uproots you from reality. In time she will know. But not yet.

All passengers are on board and no place to store bags. Flight is delayed until all bags find their rightful place and people are satisfied. The safety drill starts. I run my eyes through all exits and glance at safety card. Old habit from the days of flying. Just need to know where to go in case of change in destination and route :)

I can hear children crying, captain speaking, and flight attendants talking all at once. There is just too much noise. I take a deep breath in and focus on the kindle.

This is going to be one long flight…………..


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Meera sehmi - 1015 days ago

Great read, Good Job!


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