641   17/03/2016

Maldives Again!

As I am waiting by the gate to board the plane, I look around me. All I see is rows of people from different countries lining up for their share of sunshine. Some have large hats squashed under their arms and some are reading Lonely Planet in hope of finding that one hidden island in Maldives that will fill their senses with a calm of a gentle sea.

Far in the distance I see an old couple holding hands and munching on salted peanuts, a girl adjusting the bikini on her Barbie, young students bursting into tiny bouts of laughter over sipping Fanta, huge Russian family gathering around children to capture the moments on their shiny iPhones – everyone is on a single mission; to grab that little piece of heaven called Maldives.

As I finally settle down in my seat and gulp down orange juice, I look around to see if the flight is full. Not an ounce of space left in the overhead bins – everything from duty-free shopping bags to soccer balls are neatly stuffed around backpacks and coats. The loud excited chatter spills into my seat and I break into a smile. No matter who you are, how rich you are, how old you are – holidays are always special!

As we begin to depart, I can hear soft murmurs from behind my seat. As I peak through the cracks, I see two delicate hands with orange nail polish filled with intricate henna nervously playing with the seat belt. I can tell, she is newly married. Her black abaya has beautiful Chinese Peony flowers embroidered on the sleeves. Her husband, is trying to tell a joke in an attempt to ease her tension. And then suddenly I hear her laughing……….freely…….as if she is alone with him in a garden. Her Jasmine perfumes rides over her laughter and fills my senses. I close my eyes and wonder what her story will be like few years from now. When the colours of the henna would have faded and her nails will chipped from changing diapers and doing laundry. May be his jokes will not be funny anymore and she will look at life through a different lens! I just wonder what her story would be like………

As I feel the plane moving, the gentleman beside me has already transcended to la la land and I can hear his snores above the sound of the engine.

The glasses and towels are collected, blankets opened, seat belts fastened and with one loud bang we take off for Maldives……..in hope of finding that perfect island and sparkling sunshine!


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