608   22/02/2016

Old memories

It’s been many months and the search and the talk of MH370 has died down. Was flipping through the channels and just happen to see an old footage of the grieving relatives and how sloppily the situation had been handled. No one understands this situation better than me!

Years ago, in a different lifetime I was a flight attendant when I had brush with an emergency situation. On the way to Australia on a 747, one of the engines stopped working and some controls in the cockpit malfunctioned. I vaguely remember a briefing by the captain, that there was a possibility that it could be an emergency and we had to prepare the cabin for crash landing. We were asked to go talk to all passengers and show them the brace position. That was the longest walk on the aisle for me!

There was obvious panic, some passengers were crying, one lady went into labour, children were terrified, some passengers started hyperventilating, some crying..........it was total chaos. We - the cabin crew had to remain calm and get the cabin in brace position. I was barely 19 years old and it was my first job. I remember many thoughts had flashed through my mind - my family, my friends, my life in Hong Kong....... If I will live to see the people I love. As I sat down for the most challenging landing of my life, I noticed a old couple opposite my seat holding hands and kissing. As if they wanted their last moments to be filled with love. That moment is etched in my memory forever. I was terrified and yet I had to be brave. Those few seconds of landing seemed very long and I was mentally preparing myself that this could really be the end.

Thanks to the captain we landed safely with ambulances and fire engines surrounding us. But we did not have to open the emergency doors. Things went smoothly. But in my mind that moment is still so clear, even after all these years!

What if that was the last day of my life - I have always wondered.

The flight MH 370 bought back all the memories for me. The uncertainty, the anxiety, the stress and the limitation of what we humans can do!

I hope they find the damn aircraft and missing links of the story. What I know from my experience is that people want closure. The state of suspension is as damaging as the aircraft sitting 10,000 feet below the ocean


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